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We establish the location for providing the service by mutual agreement. 


Jyotish consultations

Jyotish or Vedic Astrology is one of the supreme sciences, originating from the Vedic tradition. Jyotish translates as "science of light" and is a scientific method of approaching the spiritual tradition. Jyotish is an integral part of the knowledge of the Supreme Self contained in the Vedas. It helps us to understand the individual expression of our Self during this lifetime in the material world. An incredibly powerful tool, Jyotish gives you a new perspective on your journey in this life and a supreme understanding of the flow of time. 

A Jyotish reading is a profound and effective tool for recognizing one's own uniqueness and the interconnectedness of life. It can reveal your life's purpose, your talents and abilities, your soul's chosen path, opportunities for growth and learning.

Through a Jyotish reading you can find out the outline of your Self, you will have more clarity on the important past events in your life, you will understand what are the resources you came with in this life, where does the abundance in your life come from, what are the possibilities for the present and the future and what kind of energies await you in the future.

Did I make you curious?

Reading Packages:

Mini-Reading - 30 min.

(reading Ascendant - Lagna and Moon - Chandra)

Jyotish Basic Astrology Reading - 75 min.

(reading your astrogram, the ascendant - Lagna, and the planets - Grahas, through the houses - Bhavas)

Jyotish+Future Dashas Astrology Reading - 90 min.

(reading the ascendant - Lagna, and the planets - Grahas, through the houses - Bhavas and the current and future planetary periods - Dashas - which will show you present and future energies, opportunities and obstacles)

Jyotish Astrological Reading FULL Package - 120 min

(the reading of your astrogram, the ascendant - Lagna, and the planets - Grahas, by houses - Bhavas and the current and future planetary periods - Dashas - which will show you the present and future energies, opportunities and obstacles. And towards the end of the session you will receive Upayas specific to your needs - methods and techniques to refine and potentiate certain qualities and characteristics of the planets in your life. Upayas can consist of yogic practices of pranayama, meditation, kriya s or asanas, fasting practices, chanting of mantras, Dhana - actions in the service of others, sacred rituals and Gyana - correction of the intellect. These Upayas are aimed at transforming you and your life in the direction chosen by your soul in this life. This will be followed by a follow-up session, at least a week after the initial session).

Reading for Children - 60 min.

(reading  of the ascendant - Lagna, and of the planets - Grahas, through the houses - Bhavas and of the current and future planetary periods - Dashas)

Planet and Moon
Planet and Moon

Yoga sessions

Yoga is a science that seeks to balance the body, mind, heart and soul. Yoga is a guide to your True Self, a set of techniques and methods for exploring and evolving all aspects of your being. A constant practice of yoga brings the physical body into homeostasis, improving physical condition, general health and increasing immunity; calms and centers the mind, bringing back your power and control over your own mind and internal environment; it supports your heart in expressing itself without fear, cultivating within you qualities such as acceptance, trust, compassion, love, joy, enthusiasm; and most importantly it puts you back in touch with your essence, your Self, thus having the chance to live a life in resonance with its lofty mission. 

Yoga styles offered:

  • Hatha

  • Yin

  • Ashtanga

  • antenatal

  • Kids

  • corporeal

Sedinte Yoga

Learn to Meditate

Meditation is one of the most powerful and simple techniques by which we can improve our quality of life. In the yogic tradition, mediation is called Raja Yoga - the Queen of Yoga, occupying a place of honor among yogic practices. Meditation, regardless of the technique, is primarily the training of attention. By training our attention, we capitalize and redirect our energy, we consciously decide what to invest it in, without getting stuck in our own mental maps. Along with these, meditation comes with many benefits, such as: 

  • Reducing stress

  • Improving emotion processing,

  • Increasing attention, presence,

  • Increasing self-compassion,

  • Improving memory,

  • Increasing creativity,

  • Increasing learning capacity,

  • Enhancing the sense of connection and inner peace.


I invite you to learn with me:

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Transcetal Meditation Sattva (previously requires a practice of Meditation - mindfulness, visualizations, guided or other - for at least 90 consecutive days)


Sattva Yoga - Himalyan Kundalini

Sattva Yoga is an integrative practice, based on kriyas, breathing exercises, mantras, mudras and fasts. Sattva Yoga classes are journeys to more wisdom. Each session has an intention and leads you deep into your mind, exploring the self and awakening within you qualities such as: determination, will, love, compassion, a stable mind, acceptance and confidence. 

Sattva Yoga is a type of Kundalini Yoga, meaning that it works with Kundalini energy, also called Prana or Shakti, which represents the infinite potential that lies dormant in each of us and is described as a snake coiled at the base of the spine, waiting to it rises along it, to the Third Eye, the place of Supreme Consciousness and Wisdom. 

Kriyas are a combination of techniques and practices, with very fast and powerful effects, Kriya translating as "liberating action", being the opposite of Karma - "binding action".

Sedinte Meditatie
Hymalaian Kundalini
Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga

The practice of yoga brings benefits in all environments. Corporate Yoga or yoga at the office improves the ability to manage stressful situations, increases the ability to concentrate, improves performance and productivity at work, improves relationships and the ability to work in a team, and on a physical level, improves posture and releases the tension in the body accumulated due to maintaining the same position for a long time. 
Corporate Yoga can include mindfulness exercises, breathing exercises, yoga postures and stress management tips. Depending on the available space, Corporate Yoga can take many forms, from physical classes with postures, to workshops and mindfulness, breathing sessions, etc. 

Cost Corporate Yoga Session: leave me a private message. 

Image by Calum Lewis

Conscious Breathing

Breathing is the only process in the body that can be consciously controlled, but which also occurs unconsciously, thus becoming the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious. Through breathing we can release stagnant emotions, traumas stored in the body, we can change our mood, thoughts and emotions. Conscious and correct breathing has the ability to heal us physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. 

Breathing exercises are a simple tool that can be accessed and used anywhere and anytime, without the need for any props and without the need for special conditions.

Knowing the power of the breath, the patterns of the breath, and how manipulating the breath can change and heal us from the inside out has the ability to transform our lives quickly and easily. 

Breath Workshop Cost:

250 RON - individual session

For the price of group sessions, leave me a message. 


Ayurvedic consultation

Ayurveda means Science of Life or Science of Living a Healthy Life. Emerging from the corpus of Vedic knowledge, more than 6000 years ago, Ayurveda is a holistic science that considers all aspects of the human being: body, mind, senses, lifestyle.

The heart of Ayurveda is considered the Tridoshic concept. Tridosha is a Sanskrit term in which TRI has the meaning of three, and Dosha translates as "that which tends to get out of balance quickly". Tridosha (the three Doshas) represents the manifestation of the five essential subtle elements in any being. According to Ayurvedic principles, all these five elements combined in different proportions give rise to constitutional typologies - each of us having a specific complexity with which we are born and which is responsible for all the physiological and psychological processes we go through during our life.

The five great elements manifest in the form of three principles, namely:-  the element of air and ether will give birth to VATA DOSHA;-  the element of fire and the element of water will give birth to PITTA DOSHA;-  the earth element and the water element will give birth to KAPHA DOSHA. These three new principles relate to all functions of body, mind and soul and are present in varying proportions in every part of our being. Every human being has all three DOSHAs present in his structure. However, one (or two) of them generally has a certain preponderance. 

By identifying your Dosha - your constitutional type - what it entails and how it can be balanced, you will improve your physical, mental and emotional health and live in harmony with the laws of nature. 

Cost Ayurveda Consultation: 250 RON


Somatic Release Breathwork

Your nervous system is the electrical grid of your being. Over time, unresolved trauma or chronic stress causes this network to become dysregulated. When it is out of order, difficulties arise in your personal or professional life. When you heal trauma and stress, you heal the electrical grid of your nervous system. When you heal the nervous system, you heal the emotional self so that your authentic self can emerge. Somatic Release Breathwork is an experience of "being". It takes you out of your mind and into your body. It allows you to release stagnant energy and  useless from the body and nervous system, caused by the repetition of old thoughts, feelings and narratives. 

Somatic Release Breathwork uses circular breathing coupled with rhythmic music to produce a cathartic emotional release. This release can be in the form of movement, shaking, screaming, crying or laughing. By using your breath, you will activate your innate ability to heal and remove any blockages, restrictions or pain that keep you from who you are and how you want to be  in this world.

Session Cost:

250 RON - individual session

For the price and schedule of group sessions, leave me a message. 

Somatic Breathwork
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